Best Work Boots for Wide Feet

Top 6 Best Work Boots for Wide Feet

Best Work Boots for Wide Feet

People who have wide feet simply struggle with finding shoes that match their size. You would see a cute shoe in the store and when you try it on; it just does not have enough surfaces for your heel.

Many of us with extended feet have one or two stores that we religiously visit for buying shoes. No one likes to just try on shoes that won’t fit them. If you are a professional finding the best work boots for wide feet must be really hard for you.

This article is all about helping you find the best work boot pair for wide feet that you can wear both outside and to your work.

Problems and Solutions of Boots for Wide Feet

We understand that many of us are not really familiar with the problems that arise when you have wide feet and need to deal with such boots for working. The thing is, broad feet are alright with sandals because they are open. The standard size does not make the shoe surface much wide.

It does not mean that a person is not proud of his/her feet. They are just looking for something suitable and comfortable. Also, the best boots work like a fashion statement for people with wide footing.

As the percentage of people with wide feet is low, companies simply do not bother to mass-produce these wide shoes.

Don’t worry; we have covered everything you will need to know for finding the best work boots for wide feet. Read on to learn more!

What to Know Before Purchasing Working Boots

When you are purchasing work wellingtons; your feet size is not the only thing you will need to consider. The work boots best features will vary from user to user.

You want a boot that is durable and will last a long time and is flashy. Depending on your taste and purpose of using the shoes; you need to choose the perfect one for yourself.

Working boots generally come in many versatile designs.

If you have broad feet; it might be difficult to find the best work boots for wide feet. But there are plenty of options for you.

Now we want you to know about the things you need to remember for buying the best work boots for wide feet before you actually choose the brand.

1. Your Purpose for Buying Work Boots

Whether you work in an open or a closed office; your choice of work boots will differ a lot. Work gumboots are different for farmers, oil rig workers, and even line workers. Depending on the kind of work you are doing, your physical environment is also changing. Thus, you need a work boot that compliments your work.

Your supervisor might help you with what kind of work boots you will need. As they know what assignments you will be getting and the sites you will be visiting; it is easier to ask for their help.

2. Taking the Price into Consideration

Working boots are generally a bit pricey. People often call this an investment. Saving a few bucks by choosing cheaper wellingtons might be appealing but it will cost you later. As you are buying a boot for your safety; you cannot compromise with its quality for its price.

Most times the price asked for work boots is well deserved and fair. We suggest that you choose a pair first and then consider the price. It is recommended to keep a higher budget for work boots.

3. Take Your Time and Try on All the Pair of Boots

As any shoe store; you will be asked your size and when you ask for a wide boot, you will be presented with many options. Feel free to try on all of them. And if you don’t find anything that feels very comfortable to wear all day, visit another store.

You need to consider traits like mesh lining, grain leather, oil and slip resistance, and stuff like that. You may come across a work boot pair that maybe oil and slip-resistant, but isn’t high quality. Different scenarios will place themselves to you where you have to choose the right wide work boot.

You need a pair of boots that will not just be a mere boot; it will be your companion. So you need to choose this wisely and spend time on choosing the most perfect work boot for you.

Work Boots for Wide Feet

4. Protective Features

You are purchasing a work boot that will protect your feet from heavy materials that might fall on your feet. There are steel-toe work boots. These are excellent toe boot for protecting your toes and your whole feet from any kind of hazards.

The steel housing works like a toe box that’s going to help you bypass unwanted situations.

Although all working boots are designed for hazardous situations, some of them just perform better than the other. Steel-toe work boots are one of the latter types.

These boots conduct temperature as well. So you will be comfortable in both winter and summer. There are also composite toed boots which act as an alternative to the steel-toe boots.

The steel-toe boots are a bit bulkier than the others so some people do not like to use them.   Carbon fiber or plastic is used for making the composite toed boots.

5. Other Features to Consider: Sole and Construction

Construction: The work boots come in two types of construction; cement and welting. There are other types as well but these two are the most reliable and thus the most popular.

Cement construction is lightweight and highly affordable. If you do not wear a work boot pair every day and are looking for something on the inexpensive side, this is the work boot for you.

The boot pairs look good and durable. But if your sole comes off, you cannot replace it. It is attached to the body only once with cement materials.

Welting construction of boots is a more expensive, bulkier, and durable construction of work boots. You can choose these types of boots if you are using them every day. The sole is stitched or double stitched to your boot body in this type. Thus, reducing the chances of sole getting broken or detached.

A pair of mesh lining work boot may cost extra depending on the overall build quality. But, of course, you’d want a work boot pair that’s high quality and may serve you a good couple of years.

Sole: When you are buying the working boots, always make sure that the sole is oil and slip-resistant. There are three popular types of sole: EVA midsole, Rubber outsole, and TPU outsole.

If you work in damp areas; you should opt for the rubber outsole with the work boot pair. It may give you an excellent grip.

Choose the TPU outsole if you are looking for something elastic for your work boot. The EVA midsole has great cushioning and suitable for people who may have pain in the knee or back.

A pair of work boot that’s slip-resistant and comes with the right toe work structure will give you comfort.

Do note that as you’re looking for a steel toe box housing, it may cost you a bit high than your average options. But toe work boot choices like these are far better than something generic. And with such steel toe options, you will get the oil and slip-resistant feature as a bonus.

Best Work Boots for Wide Feet

Now that we have covered what you need to know before purchasing the best work boots for wide feet; we would like to introduce you to the brands for wide-leg choices.

We have kept all of our readers in mind and would love to aid them.

And that’s with all kinds of the best work boots for wide feet. We know the struggle and trust us. We have made a list of the bests for you. Although there are big players like Timberland Pro, we have some choices of our own.

We are certain you’d like them.

The following list contains a number of working boots; some of the boots are very expensive in the list and some of them are highly affordable.

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1. Skechers Men’s Verdict

Skechers Men's Verdict

One of the coolest looking work boots you will find in the market. This is the perfect work boot for working in the field for some days and then in the office for other days. The boot is good for wearing to formal events as well.

The leather upper is of oil which toughens the boot. The boot is heavy-duty, so it won’t face any kind of damages during extreme weather conditions.

The seam construction is reinforced which makes the boot build extremely reliable. The outsole is attached so nicely and strongly it will never separate from the pair of boots.

The boot is excellent for farmers and oil rig workers. You are in adverse situations every day, so you need a boot that is reliable as you are. For finding it, you do not need to look far; this is the boot for you. The Men’s verdict is a proud product from Sketchers. It is a very popular shoe among workers with wide toes as well.

The design of this boot has a mid-rise which gives you a casual feel yet makes your shoes durable and strong. The uppers are made of waterproof nubuck. If you do not know, nubuck is cattle leather. This leather is wear-proof, tear-proof, and can be colored to the user’s preferences. One of the finest quality leathers.

There are six eyelets which are great for proper adjustment of your wide shoes. You will get a good feel and also look stylish wearing these premium quality work boots. You are guaranteed to find your best work boots for wide feet among the wide sizes.

All in all, the Skechers Men’s Verdict toe work boot is showing potential. You should check it out if your extra-wide man-feet desires it.

Read Full Review: Skechers Men’s Verdict Men’s

✔ Includes anti-slip feature
✔ The lining is smooth and does not rub on ankles
✔ Steel-toe boot for better protection
❌ Requires break-in time
❌ Cannot be worn continuously or for longer hours

2. Wolverine Harrison– Best choice for Broad Feet

Wolverine Harrison

Wolverine is a leading company in the boot industry. They have an excellent reputation for manufacturing the best work boots and supplying them all over the world. Most boots from Wolverine Company are of excellent build, quality and made with premium quality materials.

The exterior of these wide work boots is oil leather. This ensures that the outer layer does not wear and tear easily.

Lightweight materials are used for manufacturing the Harrison boots, which makes them suitable for wearing all day long. You can wear these shoes anywhere as they look both formal and casual. They are great for any outdoor activities as they are slip-resistant to a good degree.

The footbed is cushioned and removable and has a nylon shank. The wide boot pair also make you feel energetic during long hours of work.

The leather used for making these boots is of premium quality and full-grain. Full-grain leather is wear-proof and tear-proof. So, this boot is guaranteed to last a long time because of the high grade of construction.

It is highly waterproof as well. This means that water won’t get into the shoes and touch your feet. So you are safe to work in the wet and damp areas wearing the toe boot pair.

The midsole is polyurethane of single density. If you are looking for a work boot that you will last you a lifetime and give you great service even after years; this is the one for you.

The shoe is made of proper grain leather and other materials that provide longevity.  The nylon shank along with a six-inch height, this shoe is a premium choice for good reasons. So, you may want to check it out because of its high standards.

✔ Air mesh is used for drying
✔ The shoe is resistant from oil, water, abrasion, heat, chemicals, and slip
Steel-toe work boot
❌ Very large sizes

3. Caterpillar Second Shift Work Boots

Caterpillar Second Shift Work Boots

The CAT logo of Caterpillar Company is familiar to all of us. The company is so widespread that it supplies or has a business in almost every country in the world.

The company manufactures some of the bestselling boots across the world. They are reputed and their work boots are promising. You won’t be disappointed with a Caterpillar Company work boot.

Their extra-wide boots are heavy duty and highly durable. Their quality of these boots is well reflected in the Second Shift model of work boots.

This wide boot pair is great for all sizes of extended feet. The boots come in a versatile range of sizes so you can choose the perfect one for your feet.

Summertime can be uncomfortable in work boots because of moisture. These boots will certainly eliminate that problem. The insole of this boot has a Climasphere, which is great for soaking up moisture and keeping your feet dry.

Construction of this boot is the welt. So this is a durable and long term use boot. Goodyear welt allows decent safety for rough use. And it will protect your feet along with it as well!

If you are an engineer or a construction worker; these boots are your best choice. The steel toe is great for any kind of fall on your feet and will protect your toes.

✔ Adjustable laces for a better fit
✔ Made of nubuck leather
✔ Has steel shank
✔ Comes with rubber outsole
❌ The previous models mentioned here are better
❌ Requires break-in

4. Dr. Martens Ironbridge Work Boots

Dr. Martens Ironbridge

One of the best work boots for wide feet. These boots come in a versatile range of designs, sizes, and styles.

The wide boot looks extremely classy and has a strong build. If you have very broad feet; these boots will come to your aid. They are made of premium quality materials and maintaining excellent standards. These boots are great for working in the field and any adverse situation.

The uppers of these boots are water-resistant and made of excellent quality full-grain leather. The boot features an excellent design. The black looks almost like obsidian and the build is great for running, sitting down, and walking for miles. It is also resistant to abrasions.

You can use these work boots for work and for casual use. You can wear it for any occasion if you would like. This is a onetime purchase and will benefit you for a long time.

The cushioned footbed is made of polyurethane. It has air-cushioned outsoles that give your feet excellent comfort and the wooden shank improves rigidity in your feet.

The outsole and upper in these boots are sewn together which makes it a more durable choice compared to other boots. It has a welt construction of Z types. A heat sealing feature is also included in the boots.

The boot pair is slip-resistant properties and absorption quality; these boots are one of the best out there. You can completely rely on them. You may want to check them out for yourselves.

✔ Has insulation
✔ Very stable and durable
✔ The closure is adjustable
✔ Steel-toe and slip-resistant
✔ Sucks up moisture
❌ Tight and does not have enough room for toe movement
Heavy. Cannot be worn all-day

5. AdTec Women’s Work Boots

AdTec Women's work boots

It is hard to find best works boots for wide feet let alone the fact you are looking for women’s work boots.

Naturally, women’s boots are more fashionable. This is one of the best works boots for wide feet that looks the classiest in the bunch. The boot has a suede-like surface which enhances its looks.

These wide shoes are designed to be comfortable and robust. The boots are made of premium quality leather. In short, it’s durable and will last long.

When it comes to working boots for women, many might think that they are looking for professional and corporate use. But the assumption is completely wrong. And AdTec Company has been intelligent enough to understand that.

The boots are steel-toed. So these are great for engineers and construction workers because of the steel housing for the toe.

As the boot is very lightweight to be suitable for wearing for a longer period of time. Although it lacks warmth, there is room for wearing thick socks to keep you warm during the cold.

These boots are designed for all women. So even if you do not have wide feet, you will find a size that fits you. The extra width sizes are there to cater to the women who have wider feet. We were impressed by the all-inclusive designs and the thoughtfulness behind it.

The company sells 300, 00,000 pairs in only the US. This number speaks louder than any brand marketing. The lace-up is attachable in these boots giving you a chance to adjust your shoes.

It is an excellent quality work boot for women. You should definitely consider buying it. But you may want to check if the features meet your needs.

✔ Construction is excellent
✔ Resistant to oil and slip
✔ Steel-toe box present
❌ Hard insoles
❌ Requires break-in

6. Irish Setter Men’s Boots

Irish Setter Men's Boots

An excellently designed best work boots for wide feet. This boot comes in a very classy design that is bound to catch anyone’s eye. If you are visiting a store; you should definitely choose to try this shoe first.

If you have been using work boots for a long time you will definitely recognize this highly reputed brand. The brand makes excellent and premium quality work boots. You will definitely find the best work boots for wide feet. 

The wide boot pair looks amazing with a very detailed and thick sole. It is made of full-grain leather, which is from Trout Brook. The company is manufacturing boots which will require you to buy it only once.

The outsole is heat resistant. It can withstand temperature up to 475º Fahrenheit. The lining is nylon vamp which will keep your feet comfortable all day in the heat and during cold as well.

These shoes are great for using all year round and you can count on the build that it won’t face any wear or tear. And the polyurethane footbed increases the overall usability to a great degree.

The boots are specially designed for broad feet; so, you will be very comfortable in them. It is flexible to use and gives you the ultimate control over your legs. You won’t feel tired in them either. These are great for outdoor activities.

✔ Easy to put on and take off
✔ Features polyurethane footbed
✔ The leather is full-grain
❌ Toes cannot move as space is small


There are some simple questions regarding wide person boots. We will try and answer a few of them to clear out some misconceptions.

Q: What are the most comfortable working boot pair?

Ans.: The most comfortable boot pair for work will have a wide level of comfort (pun intended!). You need to look at traits like full-grain leather, proper steel housing for the toe, functionality, and stuff like that. Although Timberland Pro is one of the wider known choices, the options we have for you aren’t bad at all.

Q: What are the proper work boots for standing all day?

Ans.: Boots with steel housing for the toe can become uncomfortable after a certain period. In order to work for long periods, you’d want to look at the sole quality and the outer shell of the boot. Breath-ability is subjective, but the build quality does matter here.

Q: Are Timberland Pro options good for people with extended foot pattern?

Ans.: Timberland Pro has been a well-known name in the premium shoe industry. Since 1999, they’ve offered some of the high-end shoe options to the market. To date, the makers at Timberland Pro have a very loyal base of customers.

If you want both ‘premium’ and ‘durable’, then Timberland Pro is probably the way to go (but that doesn’t mean our options are bad!). If you don’t want to experiment with products that offer sensible value, then going with Timberland Pro is probably the correct decision.

Q: Do I need wide/ extra wide shoes?

Ans.: It will depend on your use case and feet size. You are pretty much the judge here.


Wide feet are not a hassle if you know where to go for the shoes that will fit you perfectly. If you have broad feet and are looking for the best work boots for wide feet, you may choose from above and we hope you like the boot you have chosen.