How to get the smell out of work boots

How to get the smell out of work boots

How to get the smell out of work boots

They say dogs are man’s best friends. Well, work boots come pretty close too! And, you cannot be blamed if, after a hard day’s work, those boots start smelling unpleasant and nasty. It is surely embarrassing, especially when you are with others. Therefore, this article How to get the smell out of work boots should help you solve this situation.

As soon as you remove the footwear after a long day at work, the smell starts annoying everyone, including yourself. You can’t solve the issue by changing to a new pair of shoes or getting work boots from some other brand. You will have to find ways to get the smell out of your work boots, and here’s how you can effectively do that.

Ways to remove the odor from work boots

The following are the top six ways through which you can remove the odor from your work boots.

1. Washing your work boots:

Most of the modern work boots are washable. So, make sure to wash them at least once in two weeks with a good washer to remove all the dirt and kill the bacteria.

2. Freezing your work boots:

Bacteria have no chance against freezing temperatures. So, put the boots in large zippered bags and keep them in the freezer overnight. That will kill the bacteria and eliminate the odor completely.

3. Kitty litter works:

Don’t scrunch up your nose at the suggestion of using kitty litter. It has natural deodorizers that help in preventing the smell. So fill a sock with kitty litter, tie a knot on top of it, and leave it overnight inside the boots. There’ll no bad odor in the morning.

4. Using baking soda:

Baking soda is a natural deodorizer that really helps in removing the smell. Just sprinkle a bit of it with cornstarch on the work boots before going to sleep and leave it overnight. Spill the baking soda out of the boots in the morning and wear your boots.

5. Using black teabags:

Tea bags have tannin, which is a great disinfectant for the odor causing bacteria found in boots. So, instead of throwing away the tea bags, keep them in the boot for one to two hours.

6. Using baby powder:

Baby powder also acts as a deodorizer. So, make sure to apply some baby powder on your feet before slipping on the socks. You can apply baby powder from time to time on the feet to keep them from sweating.

Ways to make the work boots smell better

There are three simple ways to make your work boots smell better, and they are:

  • Keep your feet clean: Your boots will never smell good if your feet don’t. So, make sure you keep your feet absolutely clean and tidy.
  • Change your socks: Regardless of how clean your socks look, you will have to change them every three months because by that time they lose their sweat-lock capacity.
  • Change the insole: Use antimicrobial odor controlling insoles to keep the boots smelling fresh for a long time. Also, change the insoles after every couple of months.
  • The right leather: Natural leather is more breathable than synthetic leather, and so, your feet will sweat less.
  • Have alternate boots: Have more than one pair of boots and alternate between wearing them so that a pair at least gets the chance to dry out properly.
  • Storing the boots: The boots have to be stored in a well-ventilated and dry place. Bacteria will grow further on them in damp and dark locations.


Hopefully, now you are armed with enough ideas to keep those steel toes free from odors. However, before you apply any of the tips or tricks, make sure there is no other issue, such as Bromodosis, why your footwear smells like that. Bromodosis causes exaggerated sweat production, and you will have to consult the doctor first before trying any of the methods to remove odor.

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