how to stretch work boots

How to stretch work boots

How to stretch work boots

So, finally, you have found that perfect pair of work boots for yourself. They look as sturdy as they are and suit your style and purpose completely. But, wait: what is that pinch you feel on wearing them? You have got the boots in the right size, and still, it feels a bit tight in some places. Maybe your toes are having trouble fitting in, or the width of the shoes is the problem. There’s nothing for you to worry though because like every other problem, even this one has solutions. So, read on to find out the best ways to stretch your work boots, hiking boots, or leather boots.

Using the tools

Using a boot stretcher

You can use a boot stretcher to expand the width of the boots. You will find various types of stretchers in the market. You need to pick the right one depending on how you want to stretch the boots. Keep in mind that whether it’s your work boots or regular leather shoes, a boot stretcher can only increase the size by half or one size and not more than that.

Using a boot-calf stretcher

The boot-calf stretchers are available on their own and also with boot stretchers. If you want to stretch the entire boots or shoes at once, then it is best to get the combined product. Calf stretchers work really well for slip-on boots, hiking shoes, and leather boots. In fact, you will also find stretchers that only target the instep of your boot if that area feels too tight.

Using stretching spray or liquid

You can use stretching spray or liquid to soften the boots and making it easy for you to break them in. This method will only work if you wear shoes while they are still wet from the stretching spray or liquid. Make sure you spray inside your boots to make sure that the outside is not damaged.

Through DIY methods

Using ice for stretching the boots

Put water bags in your boots and freeze them to expand. This method works because water expands in the process of becoming ice, and thus, it will make your boots expand too. However, you will have to make sure that your boots do not get wet. And that is why the water should be in leak lock bags when you put it inside the boots.

Using heat to stretch the boots

Put on your boots after wearing a pair of thick socks. Use a hair dryer to blow air on the boots for three to five minutes. Make sure not to apply heat constantly for more time than that because that would damage the leather. The heat helps relax the leather and reshape it to fit the extra bulk that you have put in by wearing the socks.

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Wearing shoes with thick socks

This method is for the shoes that a bit tight and pinch your toes. Wear as many thick socks you can while being able to put on the shoes. Walk around like that for thirty minutes daily till the boot stretches enough. This is not really the comfiest method around, and so, make sure to do this only when you are at home. To get more ideas on the matter, you can check out.

Try out any of these six methods, and your leather shoes or work boots would fit fine in a few days. Now go and get working on those boots. After all, you can’t let your favorite pair of new boots to just lay in a corner because they are too tight. how to make my boots bigger?

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