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Skechers Men’s Verdict Men’s Review – Read Before Buying

Skechers Men's Verdict Men's

Skechers Men’s Verdict Men’s Boot comes with four different colors and looks extremely stylish. It offers me a high level of comfort and quality. In fact, I really love wearing this shoe as this is very classy to look at. In fact, I really loved that it has the padded collar and tongue cushioned insole, and heavy-duty lugged outsole. The features are really amazing. It is also one of the finest and cheap work boots on the market. You can get this at an affordable rate too.

The boots are comfy and also absolutely easy on my feet, even whenever I am standing and working a 10-hour day. The shoe is quite good-looking, I must say but comes in only four limited colors. In fact, I have also found that I am extremely pleased to wear these boots out on the branches on the weekend as well as to work. They simply add the very trendy rugged look to casual clothes like jeans.

Product benefits

  • Good fit– The shoe has a very good fit
  • Style– It looks very stylish and fashionable, so you can wear this on a festival or any special day
  • Durable– These boots are very durable yet heavy. If you are on your feet for long extended times, these will not make you feel uncomfortable.


  • The cushioned insole, and the heavy-duty lugged outsole
  • Padded collar and tongue
  • 100% Suede and leather


  • It breaks in the period
  • Feels heavy after wearing
  • Available in limited colors
  • Not waterproof

What is wrong with the product?

This product is quite comfortable and elegant, but it is not waterproof. So, if you want a shoe, which is waterproof and durable at the same time, then you can go for another shoe. Sadly, this product takes a very long time for drying. If you wear this in monsoon, you will have to give a lot of effort to clean it.

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Features to know

1. Durability

Being made with high-quality rubber; the outsole is durable and flexible. This is considered as the ideal boot for hiking whenever you are on rough terrain. If you invest at a time, you will get the best return as this is quite long-lasting and extremely sturdy as well.

2. Protection

The ¾ inch midsole offer excellent support and cushioning, while the rubber outsole offers great traction and grip as well. You will not have to worry as you can protect the shoe from dirt and mud. As the midsole are made with the high quality material, so you will not face any kind of issue on greasy condition.

3. Comfort

If you are opting for the best and comfortable book for hiking, then this is the perfect one to pick. The product is very comfortable, waterproof, along with very warm. In fact, if you go for a long walk, this will not hurt your feet at all.

4. Traction

So many people out there find this shoe extremely sturdy and robust. One of the best part is this is more of a work boot rather than the fashion boot. It offers a very firm grip for walking the trails. Basically, the treads are quite firm and extremely idea for snow.

5. Weight

This is quite important for your boots not to simply weigh you down, particularly on the rocky surfaces, whenever you are climbing or even working on any wet grounds. So, in comparison to the heavy-duty look, this specific boot is extremely light. If you are someone, who walks a lot for the work purpose, then this shoe is the ideal one for you.

6. Water Resistance

One of the important things that attract you to this footwear is the looks. This is extremely classy, elegant, and quite amazing to look at. So, this shoe is extremely great but one of the major downsides is that this is not water-resistant. It takes a long time for drying.

7. Stability

The boot is chunky, waterproof along with well-made without being sweaty at all. Enhanced breathability as this has a memory foam insole. It has been designed to provide comfort in every weather and situation. It will wrap your feet in a very comfortable manner and still offer you very good traction and support.

8. Outsole

The natural curve of this boot’s sole adds comfort while walking. For the added support and comfort, there is the steel shank, which entirely encased in the midsole. As the outsole is made with high-quality material, so you will not face any kind of issue on greasy condition.

9. Sole

One of the important things that attract you to this footwear is the looks. This is extremely classy, elegant, and quite amazing to look at. The color and design are quite sophisticated. Not only does this shoe have an upper look, which looks durable and sturdy, but this product is layered in the strong and high-quality leather, which is extremely simple to clean. Basically, the leather is matte finish but vibrant as well.


These boots will take care of you when this is about protection and safety. You don’t have to worry about that. They feature the absolutely durable and comfortable padded tongue and collar, a cushioned insole, and a heavy-duty lugged outsole that gives your feet comfort and good traction. So these are absolutely ideal for all-day use for work as well as casual wear. Even with daily wear, rugged, these boots will last for a very long time.

The shoe is best for those people who are always running from one place to another for their job. Basically, this is not really for those who have the 9-5 desk job. As each and every individual wants to feel comfortable whenever they are going to one place to another should buy this one. If you are a boot fan, then you will definitely fall in love with this product because of its rugged look. But the best part about the product is its softness.

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